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Bring out the Best in Your Team

Creating Wellness provides bespoke corporate wellness events and healthcare solutions to suit the needs of leading business teams.

We can partner with you to motivate and inspire your group or organisation with expert talks and employee wellness programmes. Put your team on track for enhanced performance and career happiness through an evidence-based lifestyle approach.

Creating Wellness can work with you to deliver Wellness Days, Lunchtime Workshops, Workplace Consultations, Employee Health Benefits Schemes, Staff Incentives & More

Partnered with award-winning clinics in Edinburgh and Scottish Borders, we provide a diverse range of employee health services delivered by top health professionals in chiropractic, physiotherapy, sports massage, nutrition, personal training, medical coaching, and more.

Wellness programmes add value to your employee care packages, and enhance performance, energy levels &

well-being, helping you to attract and support a world-class team

We provide a range of employee health assessments for key personnel including:

Workstation interactive ergonomic assessments

On-site mini health consultations with report

Lifestyle consultation and full physical exam with report

Advanced Biometric Consultation and exam with detailed report and recommendations


Affordable Health care packages for the entire team can include:

Annual physical exam and lifestyle consultation with report

An annual employee discount for chiropractic spinal care, physiotherapy, sports massage, nutrition check-ups, foundation training workshops at any of our clinics


Wellness Days and Lunchtime Workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of your organisation or team. Our on-site services can include:

Expert talks and workshops on a wide range subjects related to health, well-being and work performance

Mini health consultations with report

Workstation interactive ergonomic assessments

Massage sessions or nutrition consultations

Yoga, Pilates or Foundation Training classes

An optional gift for your attendees

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